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As the world is getting ready for post-pandemic economic rebound, the main phenomenon of VTuber(Virtual YouTuber, also known as Digital Human or Digital Influencer) is sweeping through out the world.  More and more VTubers are emerging across the continents.  Attention of millions of viewers are simply driving the imagination of talented content creators to an overall new level.  Apart from the world of creation, we also see increasing worldwide renown brands are adopting VTubers as their whole new communication method for their brands or products as a whole.  

As long as you are interested in VTuber video creation, or even have a personal VTuber character channel already, create a movie with a "virtual character" as the protagonist, you are the one to participate in this exciting contest.  No matter 2D or 3D, whether it is a human or an animal or any other forms of souls, you are welcome to contribute!

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Submission Date


Award Ceremony


[ Category ]

University students, 3-5 people as one team. Teams can choose to work remotely if concerns for epidemics.  

All individuals:
No limitation.  

[ On-line ]

Qualifications for Registration:

There are no restrictions on occupation, background, or age. Anyone who is interested in the VTuber industry can sign up.

Registration Time:

From now until 2021/06/06.

Registration Portal:


Use VTubers by the Association:


[Judy and Awards]
錨點 1

[ Collection Rules ]


Collection Time:
From now until 2021/06/13 18:00, and the film has not yet been released to any public platform.

Competition Theme:
"Virtual Life, City Marketing"

Use "virtual characters" for video creation, and conform to the theme of this competition "Virtual Life, City marketing". If you don't have your own character, you can use the character provided by us, or provide the 3D model of your own character to the association. The association will provide online technical email support.  

Description of Creation Concept:
Your concept description in English, within 100-200 words. 

Video Specifications:
The video format is 1920x1080, length more than 120 seconds of the movie (excluding the opening and closing credits)
The creation of film content requires VTuber creation combined with real scene or animation.  The exposure time of the virtual character needs to account for 50% of the length of the film.
Please save the video in MP4 file format after completion.

Your completed movie should contain voice over in the language of your own choice but need to include English subtitle.  The competition jury will be consisted of international experts.   Lack of English subtitle will result in extremely unfavorable status during grading.  Important!!

File name specification:
Specification of uploaded file name:
Application group_team name_work name file name example:
Student group_yameme_Houtong trip

Please keep track of the official website or Facebook announcements for information related to the competition.

[ Character by Association ]

[ Announcement ]

1. Contestants are required to build his/her full 3D CG character. Contestants can also  use VTubers provided by the Association. A 120 second above video needs to be created by the aforementioned character. English subtitle is a must. File format is limited to MP4 (1920x1080) for submission.

2. Contestants are limited to use photos, video or music either by self creation or copy right license self obtained already. In case of copy right infringement, Organizer will terminate such contestant’s participation to contest. Video not relevant to topic assigned will also not be considered for judge. Organizer and Sponsors retain the right to use video submitted for marketing purpose

3. In case of using VTubers provided, contestants are not allowed to use such video creation for purpose more than joining the contest itself. Such video can not be submitted to any social media or personal website. Organizer retains the right for legal action if unauthorized usage occurred

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