Online International Virtual Human Technology Forum 7/3 

Either for VTuber, as generally known in Asia, or Digital Human, the fundamental technology used is quite similar.  Furthermore, the human society is learning step by step on how to cope with the new participants, the virtual self.  We are very proud to invite international industry veteran to share their experience so far and also to shed lights upon what’s going to come from their perspective.


was founded in 2003 by Daniel Gregoire as a full-service visualization company that brings together industry leading Directors, Supervisors and Artists who are committed to advancing the art of storytelling. We are supported by a technology team who provide a state-of-the-art platform of cutting edge technology, to help our clients realize their creative vision on screen.

Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

was founded in 1956, we have been producing numerous works of animation in the front line of the industry for over half a century. We boast Japan's largest and a world-class library, which comprises 224 theatrical features and 208 TV programs, totaling 11,820 episodes (as of March 2015). We are sure they include some of your favorites from childhood.

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