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On-line Group

The explosive phenomenon Virtual Youtuber was originated from Japan and permeated to the rest of the world right now.  This contest is to further increase the awareness of VTuber to general publics and get more young talents to join this industry.  

We hereby call for submission of all VTubers from around the world.  There is no qualification limitation for this particular group.  The only limitation is your creativity and imagination.

No limitation.  1-5 people as one team. 
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Until 2020/04/15 18:00
Submission by
Until 2020/06/21 18:00. New and unannounced work only.

1. One or more virtual characters must be used.

2. Content limited to actual shooting or animation with VTuber involved.  Video length less than 120 secs, excluding titles and credits.  VTuber appearance no less than 50% of your video length. 

3. During competition period, those teams registered can consult with Taiwan VTuber Association for mocap assistance. 

4. Related information regarding the contest will be publicized on the FB page of Taiwan VTuber Association. 

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On-site Group

University students, 3-5 people as one team. Teams can choose to work remotely if concerns for epidemics.  
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Until 2020/04/15 18:00 or Full
2020/07/04-07/05(Sat, Sun), Non-stop contest.

1. To announce topic prior to live contest, teams can start to generate storyboard and collect assets or materials. 

2. Motion of virtual character needs to mocap live during contest period. 

3. Video must combine VTuber with actual shooting or animation.  Length above 90 Secs, excluding title and credit.  Total exposure time of VTuber must be over 50% of the video length. 

4. Contest related will be announced on the FB of Taiwan VTuber Association. 

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7/4 -7/5
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Main Site
digiBlock C
(1F, No. 287, Sec. 3, Chengde Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City, 103, TAIWAN)

Contest Rule and Timeline

1.Contestants are required to build his/her full 3D CG character.  Contestants can also opt to use VTubers provided by the Association.  A 90 second above video needs to be created by the aforementioned character.  English subtitle is a must if your language choice of voice over is not English or Chinese.  File format is limited to MP4(1920x1080) for submission. 


2.Contestants are limited to use photos, video or music either by self creation or copy right license self obtained already.  In case of copy right infringement, Organizer will terminate such contestant’s participation to contest.  Video not relevant to topic assigned will also not be considered for judge.  Organizer and Sponsors retain the right to use video submitted for marketing purpose

3.In case of using VTubers provided, contestants are not allowed to use such video creation for purpose more than joining the contest itself.  Such video can not be submitted to any social media or personal website.  Organizer retains the right for legal action if unauthorized usage occurred

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