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Pingtung Liudui Hakka Character Design
Award Winners

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1st Prize

Hakka Lion Lala


Designed the Hakka Lion as a hooded cape. Front side of the big round hood is the lion’s head, back side is painted with the Eight Trigrams and flames. Cape is the body of the lion, middle part is transparent which increases feel of sophisticated layers. On the button the big dipper is drawn, tail on the backside adds cuteness. Lala is a girl with fluffy hair and cat like eyes, who wears lion head cape to cheerfully wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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Second Place

Hakka Lion Dance Jiao Jiao


Dress is traditional Hakka design with element of lion dance costume on the hem and some hint of Hakka flower pattern. Around the neck, special feature of lion dance costume, square mouth is designed. Lucky color red and the color of lioness, yellow is used for the head part. On the forehead is a character of king which is a symbol of lion dance.

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3rd Place

Navy and White

****-Ying Shen

Hakka Blue Shirt, Hakka flower pattern, and some western designs are combined for the costume design of the character to bring the feel of cultural mix to the audience.


Overall character design is light colored to give the character light, lively, and cute feel.

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