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[ Taiwan VTuber Association Announcement of Membership Recruitment ] 

The Association was approved to be established by the Ministry of Interior of Republic of China on 2019/10/16, document number 108069088.  Hereby publicly recruit members.

Announcement items:

1. Purpose of the Association: The Association was lawfully established as a non-profit social organization.  Our main purposes are to promote new media technology application, improve industrial technology such as virtual application, to expand the market, and to assist in increase and development of international exchange.

2.Membership requirements: One agrees with our purposes, 20 years old or older, who is involved in (or has strong interest) multimedia, creative art, marketing, animation, publishing, voice actor, artist management, youtuber, or IT industry.  After your application is reviewed and approved, you will be informed to pay the membership fee to join the Association.   

3. Contact number: 02-2593-1601

4. Please send you application to:

[ English Version Application ]

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