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Virtual Production Technology Park Tour

I want to know how to master real shots and make virtual productions simultaneously

And through the latest software and hardware technology to integrate it into today's most popular remote virtual production process?

Have an in-depth understanding of how this type of technology has changed the production methods from the entire industry?

Welcome all industries to come to participate in this event

This technology day will showcase:  

Affinity Photo / Designer / Publish

Tools for global thermal creatives

A series of exquisite high-quality creative kit functions, etc., using the same manufacturing process as the world’s top digital artists and designers

Add magic to your work and bring more creativity and opportunities


Use real-time virtual image synthesis technology with traditional Green Screen to directly perform real-time special effects

Then create immersive virtual environments and scenes in real time during the digital content production process

When the photographer moves the camera on the set, the digital engine will also move with it

Synchronized parallax effect, it looks like a 3D world

Let the audience think that the real objects and characters of the scene appear in the same time and space, eliminating the need for tedious post-production

VT LIVE virtual internet celebrity production and broadcasting system

Integrate the much more complex software technologies in the past, and you can live virtual idols with simple steps

With real-time detection of face, hand, body and other dynamic algorithms, voice actors can go online to interact with fans through simple settings

Founded in the early channel can subtract the cost of a large number of inputs

Glassbox  Professional virtual camera


DragonFly is a professional cross-platform virtual camera. You can view the environment, character performances and scenes created by the computer, just like you are shooting in real life. DragonFly allows you to see your virtual world, providing motivation and immediacy, so that you can make it quickly Creative decision-making saves time and money, and returns creative control to the hands of the director and cinematographer.

Hybrid Mocap Solution

Full-body mixed action real-time somatosensory platform


Including CHINGMU optical system, FOHEART inertial system, VRTRIX hand capture system

Realize multi-person simultaneous whole-body virtual production and broadcasting process

This platform will effectively carry out the technological kinetic energy of the work process of film, game, animation industry, etc.

Fengsui Vision

Will provide all creatives in Taiwan to quickly grasp the pulse of the world

Master the world's most open and efficient creative tools, and more exciting content

Welcome to lock the fan group of the Virtual Production Research Club to get more first-hand event news.

【Activity Information】

  Activity time: 2020/11/6 (Fri) 13:00-16:40

【Event Location】

  digiBlock C Digital Innovation Base (Building C, No. 287, Section 3, Chengde Road, Taipei City)


[Event agenda  ]
















[Guests check in]

【Opening Ceremony】

【VIP address】&【Opening photo】

New Trends in International Virtual Production

Why the world is using virtual processes


The new realm of real shooting and virtual scene application

Affinity changed the world of graphic design

Powerful and super-smooth design new process

Free time for garden party



Fengsui co., ltd.

Li Yixiu Technical Director

Fan Group of Virtual Production Research Club

Founder of Xiang Yu

Affinity Taiwan Certified Instructor

Free communication



Li Yixiu 

Fengsui co., ltd. 

Current position: Technical Director



Affinity Taiwan Lecturer

Current: Affinity Taiwan Lecturer


Founder of Xiang Yu

Fan Group of Virtual Production Research Club

Current: Advertising Director



​Four-legged chicken studio

Current position: animator

【Activity cost】


[Suitable object]

  Related businesses in the field of smart content, and ordinary people interested in this topic.

【Event Description】

 1. In case of unexpected unexpected factors, the organizer reserves the right to change the content of the event and publish it on this page without notice.
 2. This activity adopts a pre-registration system. Successful registration can obtain a QR CODE for on-site registration. Please present the QR CODE scan on the day of the event.     Check the name and check in after entering the venue.
 3. Free admission is adopted at the event site, and admission is in accordance with the order of registration.
 4. In response to the needs of epidemic prevention, the forehead temperature must be measured and a mask should be worn when entering the venue (forehead temperature over 37.5 degrees or those who did not wear a mask during the whole process, the organizer

   Have the right to ask the trainees to leave).

【Activity reminder】

  1. If the public has a travel epidemic within 14 days, it is recommended that those with travel history in the first and second countries are advised to implement independent health management for 14 days after entering the country.
  2. Participants who enter the venue and participate in the forum are requested to wear masks and use alcohol to disinfect their hands at the entrance and exit.
  3. Please cooperate with the temperature measurement and fill in the "Personal Health Declaration". If the forehead temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to decline admission.


  Bureau of Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs


  Taiwan Virtual Celebrity Association

【Executive Unit】

  Information Industry Development Association


  DigiBlock C Digital Innovation Base

​   Sheep Baa Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd.


  Fengsui Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

  Affinity (UK)

​  Glassbox (USA)

  VANISHING POINT Virtual Production Inc. (UK)

【Cooperative Media】

  Taiwan Virtual Production Research Association

  Application fee and deadline  Registration Info: Free  11. 5

  Event Contact  Contact Us:

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