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Virtual Internet Celebrity Experience Camp in the 5G Era

The fastest era and the hottest virtual influencers, do you want to experience face-to-face interaction with virtual influencers?
This time, Vtuber Leina is specially invited to interact with everyone and visit the scene in person via 5G high-speed network

A variety of innovative application technologies are displayed at the scene

This technology day will showcase:


Affinity Photo / Designer / Publish

Tools for global thermal creatives


A series of exquisite high-quality creative kit functions, etc., use the same manufacturing process as the world's top digital artists and designers to add magic to your work and bring more creativity and opportunities.


Glassbox new technology


Use real-time virtual image synthesis technology and game engine to directly perform real-time special effects, and then create immersive virtual environments and scenes in real time during the digital content production process. When the photographer moves the camera on the set, he directly manipulates the virtual event landscape.


VT LIVE virtual internet celebrity production and broadcasting system


Integrating the past and much more complex software technologies, you can live virtual idols with simple steps. Through real-time detection of face, hand and body and other dynamic algorithms, voice actors can go online and interact with fans through simple settings and create channels A large amount of cost input can be reduced in the initial stage.


Hybrid Mocap Solution Full-body hybrid action real-time somatosensory platform


Including CHINGMU optical system, FOHEART inertial system, VRTRIX hand capture system, to realize multi-person simultaneous whole-body virtual production and broadcasting process, this platform will effectively carry out the technological momentum of the work process of film, game, animation industry, etc.


For more exciting content, welcome to lock the fan group of the Virtual Production Research Club to get more first-hand event news.

【Activity Information】

Activity time: 2020/11/6 (Fri) 13:00-16:40

【Event Location】

digiBlock C Digital Innovation Base (Building C, No. 287, Section 3, Chengde Road, Taipei City)


【Activity cost】


[Suitable object]

Related businesses in the field of smart content, and ordinary people interested in this topic.


【Event Description】

1. In case of unexpected unexpected factors, the organizer reserves the right to change the content of the event and publish it on this website without prior notice.
2. This activity adopts a pre-registration system. Successful registration can get a QR CODE for on-site registration. Please present the QR CODE to scan and check your name on the day of the event before entering the venue.
3. Free admission is adopted at the event site, and admission is in accordance with the order of registration.
4. In response to the needs of epidemic prevention, the forehead temperature should be measured and a mask should be worn when entering the venue (forehead temperature over 37.5 degrees or those who do not cooperate with wearing a mask during the entire process, the organizer reserves the right to ask the trainees to leave the venue).


【Activity reminder】

1. If the public has a travel epidemic within 14 days, it is recommended that those with travel history in the first and second countries are advised to implement independent health management for 14 days after entering the country.
2. Participants who enter the venue and participate in the forum are requested to wear masks and use alcohol to disinfect their hands at the entrance and exit.
3. Please cooperate with the temperature measurement and fill in the "Personal Health Declaration". If the forehead temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to decline admission.


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