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[ 2020 International Digital Human Forum and Hackathon Jury List ]


Yu Xiang

3D animation veteran

He has worked in animation, game, production and software companies of different scales at home and abroad.


In recent years, he has devoted himself to the research and teaching of various virtual production processes. Currently, he is the technical director of a virtual production company and established a virtual production research network society.


In addition to his profession, he is also a photographer who has received many international photography awards.


Li Yixiu

Feng Sui, director of visual technology

Invested in 3D animation related industries for 20 years

He has a full range of practical experience in game development, animation software development and design, advertising post-production, motion capture, education and training, virtual production...etc.

Current position:
Certified Lecturer of Jiashang Technology
iC Creative Video-3D Character Action Director Ranses Animation-Virtual Character/Motion Capture Consultant Feng Sui Vision-Technical Director



Taiwanese workplace graphic creator

Born in 1975, an entrepreneur with backgrounds as an advertiser, designer and illustrator.


Engaged in network creation for 12 years, his pen "I am Mark" is known as the representative ip of the majority of depressed office workers.

Nearly 50 roles have developed a rich worldview of the workplace. There are a wide range of creative types and diverse forms of works. At present, 13 books have been published, and there are comics, animations, stickers, merchandise, etc. The works have been adapted into stage plays, and the performances have so far exceeded 100.


 Zhang Yanrong

Associate Professor, Department of Graphic Communication, National Taiwan Normal University

Born in 1972, he graduated from the Materials Science and Engineering Master's Program of National Cheng Kung University College of Technology.


In 2004, he graduated from the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States and obtained a Master of Arts (MFA) degree. Guidance and other positions.


Huang Jianhe

Editor-in-Chief of Da La Press

Born in 1962, he is currently the editor-in-chief of Da La Publishing Company and an assistant professor in the Department of Media Communication of Shishi University.


I love comics and have worked in the comics industry for more than 30 years. I am familiar with the development and current situation of Taiwan’s comics industry. I have edited hundreds of comics publications. He was selected as the best editor of the Golden Manga Award in 2014; he has served as a reviewer for comics competitions for many times and has served as a reviewer for the Golden Manga Awards. The convener has spared no effort in cultivating local cartoonists in Taiwan, promoting Taiwan's comic works to the international stage, and facilitating cross-border cooperation.

From 2012 to 2018, served as the curator of the Taiwan Pavilion at the French Angoulê International Comics Festival

In 2013, co-organized "Taipei 80xHong Kong 90: Two Cities of Comics and Comics" with the Hong Kong Arts Center.

From November 2015 to February 2016, cooperated with the Louvre Museum and Beijing Normal University Art Museum "When the Louvre Meets Comics" exhibition

Published "Seven Dreams of Luofu: The Fantasy Journey of a Taiwanese Cartoonist"


Cai Yixin 

Book designer

Independent graphic designer, usually do book binding design, and occasionally draw.


Graduated from the Department of Advertising, Political University, and studied design and illustration at the University of the Arts in London.


The decoration works have won the Kingdee Award, and the illustrations are scattered in "Middle-aged Workers", "Treasure Island Warm Strength",

"It's not bad to start like this, a year to get rid of the shackles", "Ouyang Jing‧ Survival in Tokyo",

"Shopping Design", "Eat and sleep, life is not afraid", "Stained Story",

"Know how to hide disgust, but also can draw out the true heart", "Every word has a background" and so on.


Illustrator of the inaugural issue of "500 Series" in 2020.


Fujioka Haruhi

​Taiwanese illustrator

Full-time hand-painted lecturer/game character designer

Accumulated more than 13 years of experience in physical course teaching, created the first Macpen animation course in Taiwan and broke 100 hand-painted public lectures in Taiwan, a part-time teacher of university design courses, and guest lecturers of major vocational colleges


INTENTION Design Studio 
Commercial Illustrator/Game Character Designer


Lecturer in hand-painting techniques / Lecturer in animation illustration design / Lecturer in computer graphics

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