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Shopping Area Version Winners List

[ Cash Prize ]

        (AFFINITY Exclusive)

Zhongshan North Road Shopping Area Ruby

**** Ni Jiang

I chose Zhongshan North Road Wedding District as my theme, thus I started my design from wedding. For the wardrobe I have mixed wedding gown and suits. Rose symbolizes love, so I have also added the element of rose. I have chosen the name of the character as Ruby which also symbolizes love.

[ Lightsaber Prize ]

Lukang 64 Stores


Overall design is based on the change of time in Lukang, thus the character wears half Eastern and half Western clothing. Lukang used to be an open port and it has history of being occupied by Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese. That’s why I have added some elements of those countries, so that people can imagine how Lukang used to be prosperous. The reason I chose the name Lu Si Chan is because the pronunciation of Lu is same for Lukang’s Lu, Si Chan means merchant or store, which suggests him to be a merchant.

[ Lien Cheng Prize ]

Miaodong Night Market Sia Ling

A**** **wu

Height:155-170cm(including dumplings on the head and shoes)

She is generous and friendly, loves to chat, it doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know them! She loves to eat and says: I want to eat everything in Miaodong! I won’t get fat anyway!

[ Lien Cheng Prize ]

Gazelle Girl


I chose Taiwan serow or Formosan serow which is unique to Taiwan as my character. It has super strong jumping ability which gives people impression of being active and naughty, thus I draw it as a young girl. The patterns on her back are Taiwania and Rhododendron pseudochrysanthum, because they habitat in high mountain, such as Jade Mountain and Snow Mountain.

[ Master Prize ]

Tian Mu Shopping Area Sia Li

**** Yu Kuo

When you think about Tianmu, rich people and fashionable people come to mind, thus I have designed my character as noble and generous big sister. She wears many gold made accessories, which I hope to express her ladylike quality.

[ Master Prize ]

Jiu Fen Girl

**** Yu Jiang

Although Jiu Fen’s image is earth color, I wanted to use bright blue and green colors for my character to express integration of modern time. With red lanterns that can be seen all over Jiu Fen, I have also expressed Jiu Fen’s unique atmosphere.

[ Software Prize ]

Keelung Night Market Thai Yu Mei


My character was developed from the Keelung city bird black kite. Since it rains a lot in Keelung, she wears a raincoat with black bird design which is stiff in texture. In addition, the port city produces rich seafood, so she wears snorkel wear and its color is brown like black kite, blue and black like the color of the ocean.

[ Software Prize ]

Tong Tong

*** Yu Wang

Tong Tong as the character of shopping area of Tainan Confucius Temple, I have based her design from flower of tiger’s claw. Red colored western dress with Chinese brush expresses principle of keeping traditional culture even in modern and advanced time, which fits the uniqueness of this shopping area where the old and new coexists. Back in my high school days, I have many fond memories in this area, thus I hope Tong Tong can help to promote how attractive this area is.

[ Software Prize ]

Lily Taiwan Blue Magpie


[ Comic Prize ]

Dihua Street Di Sia Yang

** Jing Tu

Built in 1850, located in Datong District, Taipei is the oldest street in Taipei used to be called Centre Street. Through out the 19th century, Dihua Street has always been the most important business center for dried foods, tea leaves, Chinese medicines, and fabrics. Dihua Street is the old district which is the most complete and of great significance in Taipei. The architecture styles vary from Minnan (Southern Fujian), Western, modern to Baroque imitation. Thus the character’s wardrobe is the mixture of different styles.


<Personal Information>

Height 181cm

Age: 171

Characteristics: Gentle and sincere. Since he exists from Japanese occupation period, sometimes he uses old language and he is very polite towards others. Although he is an old timer, he is interested in fads and new fashion. He often window shops various stores, especially fabric stores, he likes to talk with customers and store owners. He is knowledgeable in Chinese medicine and carries them often. He likes eat and lively atmosphere, especially before the Chinese New Year when the area is at its busiest.

[ Comic Prize ]

Shenkeng Street Royalty

** Rou Liao

[ Shiao Jin Prize ]

Original Character Merchandise Set


Yao Guan means to follow the light.

9 sons of the dragon hides in the Tainan castle historical area, but nobody heard about the dragon’s youngest daughter. 400 year anniversary of Tainan castle town, pilgrimage festivity has started. She raises red flag high and lead the crowd and protect the people. She is the 10th child of the dragon-Yao Guan.

[ Shiao Jin Prize ]

Taoyuan Train Station Shopping Area Tao Yu

*** Jun Chen

I designed Taoyuan Railway station shopping area, it has a long history. For character design, I was inspired by a train conductor with modern style. I have also added local character for the accessory she wears. For the background, I used Xpark which is nearby.

[ Manbo Prize ]

Dong Hai Lucy

Azure's ********** ****/******** Illustration

Lucy is a second year student in Tonghai University, Department of Fine Arts. Her name comes from Taiwanese pronunciation of Tonghai and the name of the Chapel in Tonghai University, Lu Si Yi. She loves to sketch and picnic. Loves nature than city and her favorite animal is leopard cat. She hates dirty air and traffic chaos, always praying for environment improvement. She dreams to become an artist to promote the goodness of her hometown with her artwork.

[ Manbo Prize ]


** Han Lin

Dihua Street shopping area can be described as living old street. I have expressed the area with young girl Dile who is young and bursting with vitality. For her wardrobe design, I have integrated baroque pattern and traditional clothing. I have used warm color and New Year color to show the liveliness and joyous atmosphere of Chinese New Year market.

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