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 [ Winners of the 3rd Virtual Internet Celebrity Design Contest] 

Taiwan Virtual Internet Celebrity Association Award
Chen ○ Ru

Cat cat stationmaster


 The "cat", "station" and "station master" of Houdong were chosen as the main axis of the design.

In order to express a sense of intimacy, I chose the common Meeks among the prototype varieties. In the appearance, the characteristics of the monkey cave are used, in addition to the famous "four cats" and the various meat balls hidden on the body... 

Yujun Aoting Award
Liao Xuan



Take Alishan Township in Chiayi as a starting point, and apply the appearance of the small train to the overall design.

The mascot on the shoulder represents the sunrise and the sea of clouds. The color matching part is mainly red and white as a supplement to enhance the overall visual recognition...

Affinity Enterprise Award
Lin ○ Han

Blue Magpie Girl


The Taiwanese blue magpie has the nickname "Changwei Shanniang", so he uses him as a bond with a girl.

Taiwan's blue magpie was voted by netizens as one of Taiwan's national birds. The characteristics of the blue magpie are his blue appearance and his long tail, which are also depicted in the design. It also strengthened his red feet. The blue, white and red color scheme is like the national flag of Taiwan...

Wacom Enterprise Awards
Shen ○ying

Wind sauce


The design is based on the falling mountain breeze of Hsinchu, and the styling is made of fabrics to make the characters feel light and fluttering in the wind.

Use blue-green as the main color to enhance the image of "wind"...

Stable  Enterprise Award
Li Yi

Li Xiaojin


The 13-year-old girl looks like a human-shaped lion lion, with blue curly hair like a cirrus cloud, and is wearing a modern Hanfu with a Hokkien pattern on her head. Her favorite yellow bell is hung on her waist, and lion lion is next to her. partner.

As the guardian of the Golden Gate Lion Lord, she stood on the highest point of the pedestal, protecting the companions who were also born and raised in Kinmen with her mighty aura...

FengShui Enterprise Award
Chen ○qi

Adzuki bean


Taking the Taiwanese blue magpie that can be seen in Daxi as the main object of thought, the clothes are mainly in the architectural colors that can be seen in Daxi Old Street. The style is somewhat mixed between Chinese and Western, but still retains a sense of ancient clothing. The boots refer to Daxi. The color of the tofu packaging, the overall feeling is a little shy and gentle girl...

FengShui Enterprise Award
Qin Han



Miaoli is a Hakka manor. There are many Hakka people on the ground. They think of their paulownia every May. Tourists like to admire this whole white paulownia flower and put on a white robe for the mountain. "The name of May Snow", and the character applies the characteristics of Hakka clothing combined with tung tree flowers to be the representative of Miaoli...

FengShui Enterprise Award
Zeng ○ Rou

Third Prince Tiger


Integrating the third prince and tiger prince in the folk beliefs of Taiwan, the floor elements are the lotus pond, the cloud and the fire-tip spear in the hands of the third prince fused with the flag. The overall feeling is not close to the general stereotype of the third prince. The Tiger Lord also uses a doll style. The character can be matched with male or female voices. The neck is a circle of magical instruments, his coat is a belly pocket, his pants are bloomers, and the front has a safety lock...

FengShui Enterprise Award
Zeng ○ Zhen



I am an authentic Tainan kid, but I didn't eat the coffin board for the first time until I was almost 20 years old, so I was very impressed with the coffin board.

The character's name is "Little Chicken". The original name of the coffin board is called Chicken Liver Board, which is a little loli who is hundreds of years old.

Expressed in the image of a zombie, because the coffin is associated with a zombie; turning the coffin into a mobile kitchen...

Special Award
Dai Kai



The Tainan city flower "Phalaenopsis" is used as the head and waist decoration.

Yellow hair color symbolizes sunlight and the stamen part.

Tainan is an ancient cultural capital, and the red brick color of historical sites is used as the color of the collar and socks.

The clothing inside adopts Hanfu cheongsam, which is combined with the modern outer clothing to symbolize technological progress...

Special Award
Wang ○ Ni

Green onion


The character Tang Cong Hui, a traditional Taiwanese dim sum-sugar onion, is a curious and ignorant little girl who has a strong desire to learn.
Like to learn all kinds of new knowledge in daily life.
The main reason is that everyone can learn about this delicious old-fashioned snack through this character...

Special Award
A shrimp

Lu Cha


It is designed by the fusion of the famous zoo in Wenshan District and tea. The color is brighter and lively bright orange and blue. It wears a giraffe headgear that symbolizes the zoo. It has a lovely and lively image, and hopes to enter the hearts of the public.. .

Special Award
Hong ○ Qi

Taiwan black bear


Taking the Taiwan black bear as the starting point, the collar on the chest represents the star and moon hook in front of the black bear, and the back of the coat is painted with a black bear pattern to increase its recognition as a black bear and hope to create him into a cheerful and outgoing look...

​excellent work
Chen Xuan

Mo Xun


We have unique coral reefs in Kenting National Park, Taiwan. However, in recent years, the coral reefs have been bleached due to global warming. We hope that everyone can work together to protect the rare treasures unique to Taiwan.

In addition, Kenting is located in the Hengchun Peninsula, we have incorporated the characteristics of Hengchun and the rich marine ecology into our role, hoping to let everyone know the beauty of Taiwan's Hengchun...

excellent work
Lin ○ You



The name is (Quie'er), a combination of Taipei City and Taiwan Blue Magpie. She is a 17-year-old girl. Her pony tail is the tail that expresses the blue magpie. Her chest badge is a 101 pattern. The trousers are designed to show the appearance of wings. , The main color inside is blue, and the auxiliary is red.

The appearance is cute and pleasing, but based on the fierce nature of the blue magpie, a battle suit is designed...

excellent work
Jiang ○Ni



Design with integrated circuits as the starting point, because Taiwan’s manufacturing industry, especially TSMC, is a world-renowned manufacturer of integrated circuits.
The overall design is based on a sense of science and technology. The color tone is also a dark color that is similar to the integrated circuit. Many lines and objects on the circuit board are also added. The sleeves are designed directly using wafers...

excellent work
Xie ○ying

Ba Nana


Take Kaohsiung’s Qishan banana as the main design. The yellow cape on the outer layer is banana peel, and the medicine bag on the inner layer is banana which has anti-cancer effect. Therefore, a small portable medicine bag is drawn to represent its high nutritional value...

excellent work
Chen ○Zhen



Ying is a gentle girl full of literary and artistic temperament, just like Yingge's nostalgia in the land.
The Yingge city emblem is the center, supplemented by the ceramic collage on the skirt, the color is mainly the ochre red of the old street, the chest is a small ceramic bottle, and the flower basket in the hand contains the windmill flowers of Sanying Art Village Ocean...

excellent work
Qiu Ting

Sheep Fat Dun


This character is mainly inspired by Hsinchu’s specialty dried persimmons.

And Hsinchu gave me a very simple and free feeling, so I gave this character the characteristics of a sheep, and his personality is alive and well. I don’t think he is troubled by the city...

excellent work

Old Street Girl


The jasmine green skirt represents tea, the skirt is printed with bamboo shoots and tofu patterns, the hollow design on the chest is pig nostrils, and the figures represent the four treasures of the deep pit.

The background is Shenkeng Old Street, with red brick walls and flat stone floors.
There are a few potted plants next to the brick wall pillars, and the girls are walking leisurely on the old street...


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